Avoid biting hard on the new crown or temporary for the first two hours or until the freezing wears off.

If the new crown or temporary feels too high like it is the only tooth or the first tooth to make contact then notify the office for a quick adjustment appoint.

Avoid sticky or chewy foods like gum that will grab hold of the temporary and causes it to lifts off. If the temporary bridge comes off please notify the office so we can replace it.

If you need to floss around the temporary avoid going up and down thru the contacts. Simply go down then pull the floss sideways thru the contact to avoid loosening the crown.

When your new crown and bridge is in place your oral hygiene is extremely important. The gum tissue may be red and inflamed for the first 48 to 72 hours but will return to normal. Salt water rinsing for the first 24 to 48 hours helps to speed the healing. It is important to floss and brush daily around your new crown or bridge to prevent decay getting underneath the margins. Proper and continued techniques will help to minimize gum recession and maintain your new beautiful smile.