Routine removal of plaque and tartar deposits that build up over time. Patients are encouraged to visit for a cleaning every 6 months.


Partial or complete artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums. Should be cleaned every day, just like natural teeth.


Also referred to as a ‘cap’, if a tooth has been chipped or damaged, but not lost, crowns are utilized to restore its shape. To learn more about caring for your crown, click here.


A common procedure practiced to correct tooth decay due to cavities. Some patients experience pain close to the root, while others do not. It is important however that the cavity is taken care of as soon as possible.

Root Canal

Following damage inflicted on the nerve of the tooth, a root canal procedure is performed to ensure patients can keep the tooth instead of pulling it.


One option after losing one or more teeth is to receive implants. Having an tooth implant can help patients with their phonetics as well as maintain healthy eating habits.


Bridges are typically utilized if there are still natural teeth on either side of the missing teeth. We suggest you visit us as soon as possible to discuss the best replacement solution for your missing tooth/teeth.


Veneers can be used to fix teeth cosmetically following breakage or a cavity, or simply for appearance-sake.


There are a number of reasons a tooth may need to be extracted (broken, decay, etc.). We always suggest you visit us to discuss your options for repairing damaged teeth.

Emergency Patients

Recommended for returning and new patients, if you experience any major discomfort or sudden injury to your teeth or gums, please visit us or call us at (905) 646-3368