Be sure to stick with your dental hygiene routine 2-3 times daily, and follow the proper precautions as recommended by your Dentist. Our staff are happy when you’re happy with your smile, and maintenance is key for your dental health.

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A sealant does not have many restrictions when it comes to aftercare, so you may drink or eat as soon as you feel able to. It is, however, important to remember that the lifespan of a sealant is generally 3 years and therefore requires proper daily care to prevent damaging the sealant prematurely.

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Dentures can take some time to get used to. Most patients require several minor adjustment appointments to properly fit your new dentures. These minor adjustments are included in the price of a new denture for the first three months. Patients may find that the dentures will take a little getting used to in terms of [...]

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Composite Bonding

One of the more important things to consider is that, unlike veneers, bonding is more prone to stains, and is less likely to respond to teeth whitening. This simply means that patients should use precautions in terms of diet, and to not strain their teeth (for example, using teeth to open things). Also, patients will [...]

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Some fillings take a full 24 hours to reach their maximum strength so avoid hard food for the first day. It is normal for some fillings to be sensitive to hot and cold for 10 to 14 days. Some larger fillings may be sensitive for 6 to 8 weeks depending or your body's ability to [...]

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Under Root Canal

It is normal to experience some pain from the root canal procedure for the first 24 hours.  Usually it is a mild pain easily remedied by an over the counter anti-inflammatory  or analgesic for example Advil or Tylenol. Everyone and every tooth is different and their ability to heal is different. Some people have a [...]

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